QNAP FW Build 20170516

Eine neue FW ist für QNAP NAS verfügbar. Auf meinem NAS installiert. Nach einer Testphase Rollout bei den Kunden.

– The NAS does not run out of memory when using thin volumes (or LUNs) and space reclamation on QTS 4.3.x.
– Users can successfully copy files from Promise DAS devices to the NAS using AFP via Thunderbolt.
– The “Snapshot management” option is correctly displayed on the “More” menu of the volumes on the left pane on File Station.
– Users can successfully edit WebDAV connections and save the changes on File Station.
– Apache daemon can successfully start when the Web Server service is enabled.
– Users can upload files that have filenames beginning with “._” to shared folders via SMB.

QNAP FW-Update

QNAP FW Update:

4.2.3 build 20170121

QTS 4.2.3


– TwonkyMedia is no longer supported. Use the DLNA Media Server built into QTS as your DLNA server.
[Bug fixes]- Fixed an issue where Qfinder could not display the direct link IP address of the second Mac when users connected two Macs to the NAS via Thunderbolt.
– Fixed an issue where users could not select pre-defined domain names when sharing files via emails or to social networking websites in Photo Station.
– Fixed an issue where administrators could not access the @Recycle folder via SMB after applying folder permission settings.
– Fixed an issue where the RTC (real-time clock) time would change after users enabled the NTP service and then restarted the NAS.
– Fixed an issue where File Station would display the string “online streaming” in Japanese when the system language was set to Korean.
– Fixed an issue where a dialog box that was expected to appear did not pop up when users performed “Replace Disks One by One” on a legacy volume in Storage Manager.
– Fixed an issue where all internal and external antivirus scan jobs would disappear from the scan job list when users attempted to scan external folders after unplugging external drives.
– Fixed an issue where users could not access Ubuntu 16.04 via the remote desktop URL in Linux Station.
– Fixed an issue where search results in File Station would not include files stored not in their owner’s folders when users searched by file owners.
– Fixed an issue where users could not transfer multiple files via AFP due to splicing issues.
– Fixed heap overflow vulnerabilities.
– Fixed firmware update vulnerabilities. For more information, see solution NAS-201701-18 in QNAP Security Bulletins and Advisories.

QNAP Firmware 4.2

Die neuste QNAP Firmware Version (4.2 Built 20160119) scheint stabil, inkl. vielen Erweiterungen, zu laufen. Wird nach weiteren Testläufen bei allen Kunden installiert. Open VPN läuft nach den letzten beiden Versionen auch wieder.

QNAP Firmware 4.2

Bei allen NAS Update auf Version 4.2.0 build 1118 durchgeführt. Keine Probleme festgestellt.